The song clips below are from my CD "Apple Juice" and below that other newer 

recordings not part of a CD yet. Most of the songs are my own compositions

 (except as noted). Also below are a few tunes with tabs.



Scamp                                      Three Base Blues *  

Apple Juice                             Hair Ball  

SLO Town Swing                 Child's Play *   

Bridget                               Sunday Night Blues   

Blanchard Song                     Berg's Lament 

Happy                                      Bluesy     

Airy                                        Lazy Daisey *

 Freight Train, by Elizabeth Cotton *       

Windy and Warm, by John Loudermilk *

Deep River Blues, by Delmore Brothers (aka Big River Blues)  

Latest recordings:

Peace                                Could This Be

An Old Friend*                The Water Is Wide

Crossing Over*                Renee

Summer's End                  Wistful Memories

While I May Yet Hold You - A Lullaby


Tabs:  PDF file and PowerTabEditor (Windows only)  and  midi or mp3:

Breeze:                   mp3        PDF        PowerTab

Cory:                      Midi        PDF        PowerTab

Crossing Over:       mp3         PDF        PowerTab

Hesitation Blues:   Midi         PDF       PowerTab 

Scamp:                   mp3         PDF       Power Tab

The recording equipment used was stereo mikes with Microtech Gefell  

 M300s or a Neumann TLM 103, Great River MP-2MH preamp. Earlier recordings

used a Delta 66 AD/DA PCI card. Later I switched to a RME Hammerfall AD/DA card

as well as a faster computer. The aim is a natural sounding acoustic guitar so 

software processing is kept to a minimum except for some reverb on some songs.

Guitars are either a Mark Blanchard Bristlecone or a Collings C10 Deluxe (*).

If you would like to purchase the CD "Apple Juice"  you may order by mail.

If your mailing address is in the United States send a check or money order for $14 to (be sure to include your mailing address). If your mailing address is elsewhere email me first about shipping charges.

Derek Coombs
1653 16th
Los Osos, CA 93402

The CD is also available on CDBaby  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/derekcoombs 

If you have questions or comments you can contact me at:


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